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OCAAJO Life Member
Judge Fred Slaughter is nominated by President Joseph Biden, December 15, 2021, for appointment to the Federal District Court for the Central District of California.

Congratulations Judge Slaughter!

Judge Maurice Sanchez is nominated by Governor Gavin Newsom, November 10, 2021, to serve as Associate Justice of the Fourth District Court of Appeal, Div. 3.

Congratulations  Judge Sanchez!

OCAAJO President
Judge Karen L. Robinson is elected  President of the California Judges Foundation.  Administered by the CJA staff and supervised by a nine-person Board of Directors, the California Judges Foundation  is dedicated to educating the public about the importance of an impartial judiciary for the administration of Justice in California.

Congratulations Judge Robinson!

OCAAJO Vice President
Judge Elizabeth G. Macias is awarded the 2021 CJA Justice Bernard Jefferson Excellence in Education Award for her work with co-awardee LA Judge Nicole Bershon on the CJA Diversity & Inclusivity Committee!  She also is named CRF-OC's 2021 James P. Gray Judge of the Year!

Congratulations Judge Macias! 

United States Bankruptcy Judge
Erithe Smith is named
OCWLA's 2021 Judge of the Year
The award ceremony was October 19, 2021

Congratulations Judge Smith!

Commissioner Scott Van Camp
is elevated by Governor Gavin Newsom, September 3, 2021, and is appointed Orange County Superior Court Judge

Congratulations Judge Van Camp!

Commissioner Carmen Luege
is elevated by Governor Gavin Newsom, March 25, 2021, and is appointed Orange County Superior Court Judge

Congratulations Judge Luege!

            Thank you! 
 ... for j
oining us October 28, 2021  for the encore presentation of Justice Eileen Moore's "Race Results" program. Her use of  Hollywood film clips and U.S. Supreme Court cases over the decades to examine the treatment of  African Americans by Hollywood and the High Court was enlightening and informative! 

On September 21, 2021, OCAAJO co-sponsored the OCBA's Racial Justice Task Force, Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Affiliate Bar Associations' Webinar on Intersectionality: Personal Stories of Navigating Implicit Bias & Solutions. The Panel featured OCAAJO  President, Judge Karen L. Robinson, Vice President, Judge Elizabeth Macias and Member at Large, Judge Tam Nomoto Schumann Ret.

Thank you for tuning in to the program!

Thank you for joining us at our first Community
Town Hall - June 24, 2021

And thank you to our Panelists:
OC Assistant Presiding Judge
Maria Hernandez
OC District Attorney
Todd Spitzer
OC Pubic Defender
Martin Schwarz
OC Sheriff
Don Barnes         

OCAAJO co-sponsors OCWLA's Diversity on the Bench panel featuring
OCAAJO President Judge Karen L. Robinson, OCAAJO Vice President Judge Elizabeth G. Macias and Judge Joanne Motoike [not pictured]

May 14, 2021

OCAAJO issues
Statement Denouncing
attacks on AAPI Community

Read the full Statement below.


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